CBD patches deliver a longer, more sustained dosage of CBD that can last up to 96 hours for some products. Think of it as your personal CBD IV station that you can easily take with you anywhere and won’t inhibit you from normal activity.

Would you rather have to remember to take a few drops of CBD every morning and night or throw a patch on your arm, get moving, and still feel great?

Patches are barely noticeable and can be worn underneath clothing which means you won’t have to take a break from your normal routine to grab a few drops or apply a lotion to an inflamed area. Don’t worry, nearly all CBD patches are waterproof making them perfectly safe for the quick post-workout shower.

Another unique advantage that transdermal patches have over other forms of CBD is that they come in ready to use doses, some often as high as 120mg per patch. However, if you’d prefer to use a lower dose of CBD, you can split up the patch in to smaller pieces.

But what really makes transdermal patches the most underrated player in the CBD game is that due to its placement on your body, the CBD will reach the targeted areas more quickly and at a more effective dosage because it is not interrupted by the lungs, stomach, or liver which typically breakdown components of CBD.